Spring 2009 Articles

Family Life


Family Life: A Q&A on helping your child
manage today’s stresses

Cassandra M. Clay, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W., is a
clinical social worker and coach who
practices and consults on family life issues
in Boston. She is clinical professor emeritus
at Boston University School of Social Work.




Strength & Purpose: A profile of Leslie Salmon Jones

To watch Leslie Salmon Jones glide across the floor is to witness a dancer’s grace, an athlete’s speed and a healer’s spirit. Jones says she wears all of those hats for one reason.

“No matter what tool or method,” she explains, “I love helping people find their strength and their purpose. That’s what my purpose is. That’s why I believe God put me here.” More.

Kids In Motion: ‘Working it’ has its rewards

It is a Monday evening and two teams of children are working up a sweat. They are at Body By Brandy 4 Kidz, a Roxbury gym built exclusively for youngsters.

The gym boasts the usual fare — padded mats, medicine balls, etc. But it also offers newer-school offerings like mini-nautilus equipment and stationary bikes with video displays. And there are motivational posters all over the place, all exclamation points and encouraging slogans. More.

The Biggest Winner: Hollywood and hard work brought Andrea Baptiste back to reality

Two years ago, Andrea Baptiste experienced a life-changing moment.

“I was visiting my friend who was a pediatrician,” she says, “and there was a scale in her office … so I stepped on it.” More.