Women in Conversation:

We believe in the power of women helping women, which is why Exhale is also a community. We help facilitate connections between members through our secure online forum—a private space where you can openly ask questions, share experiences, and get recommendations.

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Have a generous spirit.
We don’t shy away from tough conversations, and you shouldn’t either. But please exercise common courtesy in your posts and responses. Refrain from gossip or judgment. We all have our own paths, and you’ll never know what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes. Think about what you can say that would offer real value.

Keep business promotion in check.
Women in Conversation is here to amplify your voices and opinions. Just like in real life, if you’re always trying to hawk something, how fun is it to be around you? If someone needs a massage therapist on the North Shore, and you are one, by all means pipe up! But we’ll save blatant self-promotion for themed days.

Moderate moderation.
Exhale moderators will jump in now and then to answer questions and make sure everything is running smoothly, but we are also relying on the community to uphold the tone and intent of this space. If you see something mean, say something (add link to rachel at rachel@bannerpub.com)

To get the most out of this space:
While we only require a first name name, but there are many Susans living in Boston. Upload your profile pic so other members can identify you. This is not a place for anonymous commenting.