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It turns out women can have it all, but it’s exhausting! Exhale Lifestyle is a Boston based media company dedicated to producing quality content for women juggling careers, entrepreneurship, family obligations, hobbies, and that elusive thing called rest.

Our women-focused journalism covers meaningful topics in digestible formats so our on-the-go readers can get the information they crave without the hassle.

Our Marketplace was designed to give women owned virtual businesses a platform to promote their products or services. It also serves as an ideal space for consultants, podcasters, and authors to market themselves and their services. Contact sandra@exhalemediaco.com for more details.

Our Team

Sandra Casagrand

Founder and CEO

Sandra Casagrand, a publisher in the Boston market for more than 20 years, has a keen interest in quality content and a demonstrated commitment to improving social conditions. As a graduate of Simmons College, Sandra has a long-held passion for women’s issues. Her goal has been to create a women’s media company focusing on the most important aspects of women’s lives. She possesses a strong desire to address societal concerns, such as pay equity, gender-based violence, and underrepresentation in political leadership and top positions across sectors like business and academia. Sandra understands the powerful influence media and its images have on how women see themselves within their society. sandra@exhalemediaco.com


Staff Writer

Celina Colby is a Boston-based journalist specializing in arts and culture, food and beverage, and travel stories. Off the page she can be found searching for the perfect empanada, strolling art museum halls, and binge reading new novels.

Karen E. Miller, Dr.P.H.

Health Advisor

Karen E. Miller, Dr.P.H., has an extensive background in the health care industry. Karen’s experience includes direct patient care, education, consulting, and public health. Karen was instrumental in developing and managing one of the first “Centers of Excellence” programs for a large Fortune 500 company. Karen received a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and master’s degrees from Columbia University and New York University. Karen also received a doctorate in public health from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Karen serves on the board of the Massachusetts Association for Mental Health and as an advisor to Community Conversations: Sister to Sister, a women’s health initiative to improve the health of women of color.

Kalman Gacs

Web Developer

Kalman Gacs is the Project Manager and Creative Director of Viv Web Solutions—the web development company building and managing Exhale’s website. They were selected because of their impressive experience and overall business philosophy. Viv Web Solutions is a full-service online marketing firm dedicated to helping companies grow and prosper on the web. Their obsessive attention to detail, creative thought process, and unwavering support—coupled with their extensive technical expertise—are a perfect fit for Exhale.

Jill Beresford

Strategic Advisor, Consultant

Jill Beresford became the CEO and chairman of the board of a publicly held corporation during the 1990s. The company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and she was successful in turning it around into profitability. At that time, only 3 percent of the world’s companies were led by female CEOs. Today, that number is only 5 percent. Most recently, the American Small Business Development Centers recognized Jill as the top small business advisor in Massachusetts, where she was awarded the coveted State Star Performer award. Prior to her small-business advising focus, Jill spent 25 years successfully working in the turnaround and restructuring industry, filling the positions of CEO, CFO, CRO, and/or CMO. Jill has worked in a wide variety of corporate environments, including private, public, international, startup, family-held businesses, Chapter 11 bankruptcies, orderly liquidations, and turnaround situations. Jill received her M.B.A. from Boston University.


For advertising opportunities, please send an email to Sandra@exhalemediaco.com for more details.

Editorial Policy

At Exhalelifestyle we prioritize authenticity, credibility, and transparency in our content. To maintain the integrity of our platform and ensure the trust of our readers, we have established the following editorial policy regarding paid links:

No Paid Links: We do not accept or include paid links in our articles, blog posts, or any other form of content on our website. Our content is based on editorial merit, relevance, and quality, rather than financial arrangements.

Unbiased Content: All content published on our website is written based on editorial judgment, research, and expertise. We do not allow external parties to influence our content through paid link placements.

Disclosure: If any links within our content are affiliated or sponsored, we will clearly disclose this information to our readers. Transparency is critical in maintaining trust with our audience.

Linking Criteria: Links included in our content are selected based on relevance, credibility, and value to our readers. We prioritize providing helpful resources and information to enhance the reader’s experience rather than adhering to commercial interests.

Quality Control: We are committed to providing our readers with high-quality, accurate, and valuable content. Any links included in our articles must meet our standards for credibility and relevance.

By adhering to this editorial policy, we aim to uphold our platform’s integrity, ensure our readers’ trust, and provide valuable and unbiased content. Thank you for your understanding and support in maintaining these principles.



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