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NeuroSculpting Grief Workshop

64 Union Square, Somerville
Thursday, May. 23, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
NeuroSculpting Grief Workshop
Cost: 40

Grief can overwhelm the brain and body with the loss of our regular social structure. In this Neurosculpting workshop you will learn why the brain reacts so strongly to loss. You will be guided through two meditations that will reshape you relationship with grief, release it from the body and allow your mind and body to move toward healing.

Neurosculpting® is a trademarked 5-step process fusing the latest in neuroscience within a guided meditation to help individuals easliy harness the power of self-directed neuroplasticity for optimal healing.

This workshop will start with a 30 minute brain talk followed by two 20 minute Neurosculpting meditations.

Classes available either in-person or live online.

Pre-registration is required, space is limited for in-person.

All classes are suitable for beginners.

2 Hours $40

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