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Merritt Moore
Graduated magna cum laude from Harvard with a degree in physics, and a year ago she completed her Ph.D. at University of Oxford in atomic and laser physics. Four months later, she was in Oslo rehearsing for “Swan Lake” with the Norwegian National Ballet.


Career Switch:  3 local women follow their passion for art.


Finding Balance:  Helpful tips from our advice columnist..

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Spring 2019: Features

Juliette Kayyem: Security Expert, Working Mom, Entrepreneur

Security maven Juliette Kayyem chauffeurs safe rides for kids while running her own company, commands attention in a Harvard grad school amphitheater, and still makes time to walk her dog.

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Summer 2019: Features

Woods Hill Table’s Kristin Canty and Her Back-to-Basics Food Revolution

Kristin Canty, raised near the first battlefield of the American Revolution, has launched a food insurgency aimed at changing the way we eat.

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