Elder Support Resources for Independent Living


Senior Care Consultant, Susan Chaityn Lebovits

Providing elder support resources for adult children of aging parents.

Balancing career demands while caring for aging parents can be overwhelming. Our one-hour workshops offer a comprehensive toolkit designed to provide compassionate support and practical strategies for easing the burden of caregiving. Susan also meets with private clients who are looking for tailored solutions to address their family’s individual needs, such as:

 How to get your parent to accept help
 How to find the right caregiver
 How to persuade your parent to be more social
 Addressing the hard questions: Living Wills POLST, end of life wishes
 Home safety

Susan Chaityn Lebovits is a former Boston Globe correspondent, science writer, and non-profit Executive Director. She’s also spent the past decade caring for her aging parents. Join her as we strive to make aging a beautiful experience filled with comfort, joy, curiosity and independence.

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