The Original Shopping Cart Vest for Kids


Kaitlyn Litchfield, a mom and entrepreneur, started Lamb & Lou in 2018 out of a basic need to shop safely with her children. The idea for The Original Shopping Cart Vest was born a few years ago after a stressful and unsuccessful shopping trip where her oldest child climbed out of the cart and nearly fell. There wasn’t a product on the market so she invented one.

Kaitlyn is from Massachusetts, an avid photographer, wife, and mom to two amazing boys. She was just named an “Entrepreneur to Watch in 2019”!

Lamb & Lou’s durable and comfortable Original Shopping Cart Vest secures your child to most standard shopping carts to prevent them from standing and falling. The poly/cotton blend fabric, ribbed sides and reinforced stitching allows for maximum comfort and fit. The one of a kind patent-pending design allows for you to adjust the straps to secure your child to most standard shopping carts.