Breakthrough Beauty / Skin Care / Wellness / Fitness tools


Breakthrough Beauty / Skin Care / Wellness / Fitness tools

Meet the women and the story behind BelleCore

Nancy C Donahue cofounder, managing partner

Susan A Pasanen cofounder, partner

Dr. Heidi B Kummer, cofounder, managing partner

Nancy Donahue, who rose to the top of the modeling world in the 70’s and 80’s, gracing the covers of every important American and International fashion journal, including Harper’s Bazaar and American, Italian, French and British Vogue, was intrigued when a friend told her that her massage therapist had used a device to help soften her tissues after undergoing liposuction. Donahue, a Fitness Director and Triathlete who often suffered from sore muscles, used the device and discovered it not only soothed her muscles, it had an important side effect: it helped diminish the appearance of cellulite.

Donahue and her friend Susan Pasanen saw the device’s potential for the athletic, spa and wellness markets as well as the burgeoning beauty tool industry, and consulted with their friend, a top plastic surgeon, about how the device could be improved and redesigned for home use. After three years of development by M.I.T and Harvard trained engineers and input from four top Boston Doctors, the HoneyBelle® bodybuffer launched in January 2010. HoneyBelle® captured the attention of the beauty, wellness and athletic markets, as there was nothing else like it available. It soon became clear that a ‘travel version’ was needed with a universal motor, built in transformer/convertor, small enough to take to the gym, Pilates, yoga classes or on vacation, and so in 2011 babyBelle® was born.

Like its big sister HoneyBelle®, babyBelle® is a breakthrough beauty/wellness device designed to provide on-the-go maintenance for controlling the appearance of cellulite and providing instant deep soft tissue massage for sore aching muscles, and although smaller than HoneyBelle®, it’s as powerful and strong enough to do the job! It’s smaller size, lighter weight and manageability made babyBelle an instant hit, and replaced the larger HoneyBelle for self-care and professional use..

“It’s an easy regime to maintain, as simple as brushing your teeth. There is nothing else like it available in the market. Use it 3-5 minutes twice a day as a cellulite treatment, or before and after exercise to first warm up, and then relax sore muscles” says Donahue. “You will notice a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin and the feel of your muscles after a short period of time.”

70% of women clinically tested found a significant improvement in the appearance of their cellulite after using HoneyBelle ® bodybuffer for just 30 days when used as directed. babyBelle® helps control the appearance of cellulite while away from home, as well as massaging sore muscles after work outs or exercise.

How Random Orbital Oscillation Vibration Massage Works to Relieve Muscle Soreness.
The bodybuffers are effective, powerful muscle massagers for athletes such as runners, dancers, cyclists, Pilates and yoga enthusiasts, whose demands of daily routines and training invariably lead to intra-muscular build up of metabolic waste such as lactic acid, resulting in prolonged muscle soreness. When this waste is removed, recovery is accelerated and performance goes up.

The bodybuffers strong vibrations can penetrate the deep soft tissues, small and large muscle groups, enhance blood and lymphatic flow and thereby help dissipate metabolic waste products. For best results, use the bodybuffer before and after workout routines on a relaxed muscle: Different positions will allow you to relax the individual muscle groups targeted, such as the buttocks-gluteal muscles, thighs-quadriceps and hamstrings, calf-gastrocnemius and soleus and arm-triceps and biceps.

How Random Orbital Oscillation Vibration Works on Cellulite.
By applying a standardized, controlled oscillation massage to the affected areas, circulation of blood and lymph are greatly enhanced, fat cells can be broken down, and thickened, tight septa stretched or disrupted preventing them from forming the dimples so characteristic of cellulite.

Random Orbital Oscillation Vibration Energy Benefits.

  • Increases microcirculation and tissue oxygenation.
  • Facilitates flushing out of metabolic waste products in stressed muscles.
  • Enhances lymphatic drainage and decreases abnormal water retention/tissue swelling
  • Breaks up unseemly collagen bridges and dimples characteristic of cellulite.
  • Enhances collagen function, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and stretch
  • Enhances skin elasticity, smoothes the feel and appearance of skin surfaces.
  • Enhances uptake and penetration of BelleCore Hydrating Crème applied after use.

(Do not use the bodybuffer on your head, face, front or back of neck-cervical spine or breasts. Do not use if taking
powerful blood thinners. If pregnant, consult your Physician before using)

BelleCore bodybuffers are CE Certified and FDA registered and listed 510 (k) Class 1 exempt devices.

BelleCore Hydrating Crème
A total body moisturizer for men and women with firming and toning action. Softening oils of grape seed, sunflower, sweet almond and shea butter give the Crème its unique texture. Natural olive based squalane is highly effective in decreasing dryness and scaly skin. It also creates a hydrating barrier to reduce transdermal water loss. Extracts of gingko biloba and olive leaf, blended with white, green and red teas, offer a high level of anti oxidant properties to harness free radicals. Enriched with vitamin E and vitamin B3 (niacine) which are critical to skin repair. It also contains Glaucine which stimulates lipolysis, diminishes fat cells and the dimpled appearance of cellulite. This vegetable-based crème will ensure optimal results when applied after using BelleCore bodybuffers.


How do I first use the bodybuffer?
First, place the bodybuffer on bare skin and switch ON. Keep the bodybuffer in motion at all times. Switch OFF
before removing from skin.

Can I use the bodybuffer in the shower?
No. The bodybuffer is an electrical device which must be used and kept in dry conditions away from water and

How quickly can I expect to see results from bodybuffing?
Immediately. You’ll relieve sore muscles, increase circulation and exfoliate skin to a smoother texture with just
one buffing session.

When I bodybuff my skin turns red and feels itchy. Is this normal?
Yes, bodybuffing increases blood flow to the treated area. This often causes the skin to temporarily redden
and can provide a mild itching sensation. These effects are not harmful and will subside after your bodybuffing
and applying the hydrating cream.

Can I bodybuff while dressed?
No, the device is to be used on bare, dry, cool skin. Do not use lotions or creams on the terrycloth bonnet. It is
to be used dry.

Are there areas I should never use the bodybuffer on?
Never use the device on the head, face, front or back of neck/top of cervical spine, inner upper arm or breasts.
Keep clear of long loose hair and loose clothing.

Can I bodybuff if I am pregnant?
Consult your physician before using the bodybuffer. It may be acceptable to bodybuff your lower legs, feet and
arms, but never the trunk/torso nor anywhere near the belly.

Can I bodybuff if taking blood-thinning drugs?
No. If you take drugs like Coumadin or Lovenox you should not use the bodybuffer. If you take aspirin
regularly, you should try bodybuffing a small area to see if you experience bruising. If not, you may bodybuff
with caution.

Can I bodybuff my feet?
Yes, you can use the bodybuffer on healthy feet.

Can I bodybuff when I have a tan?
Yes, however, if you are sunburned you must not bodybuff until your skin has fully healed.

Why do I have to use the hydrating cream after buffing?
The bodybuffer is a powerful exfoliation device. Your skin may become very dry if you don’t apply a hydrating
cream after treating. We designed our Hydrating Cream to complement and enhance the beneficial effects of
your bodybuffer.

How can I clean the bonnet on my bodybuffer?
Natural skin oils and cells that shed during exfoliation will eventually soil the bonnet. Simply remove the
bonnet, hand-wash it using a gentle detergent and allow to dry before slipping it back on the bodybuffer pad.
Worn-out bonnets should be replaced.
Please read the owner’s manual before using.